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9740 Bük-fürdő ,
Termál Körút 5/D

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Close to Bükfürdő - Szombathely (25 km). One of Hungary’s oldest towns, the largest seat in the whole of Western Transdanubia offering a huge number of programmes all throughout the year.

One of Hungary's oldest towns, the largest seat in the whole of Western Transdanubia offering a huge number of programmes all throughout the year.Its attractive historical town centre, lovely parks, the picturesque parkland embracing the town's boating lake and the countless cultural programmes make it an attractive place that tourist will always remember.

The complex of open air recreation and swimming pools (called Tófürdő) are to be found in the most beautiful part of Szombathely, in a greenbelt area, next to the Boating Lake and the campsite. The bath, which was modernized in the recent years awaits those longing for sunshine and swimming. It is open from May. Following a nice swim, the visitors of the city are offered numerous interesting programmes and sights. The historical, cultural and natural treasures of Szombathely are all worth a visit.
The remains of the ancient Savaria, as it used to be called, can be seen in the Ruin Garden (Romkert). In this area discovered by archeologists, the Emperor’s Palace, (which is supposed to be the greatest attraction of Romkert), the public bath, the customhouse, the Mercurius’ Sanctuary as well as workshops, potters’ stoves, remains of roads from the Roman times and mosaics may be observed. The next spot to see could be the Sala Terra, found on the ground floor of the Episcopal Palace. This is the first museum of Hungary where engraved stones dating back to the Roman Times, collected by Bishop János Szily are on display.
The Museum Savaria, which provides unique collections from various historical eras, is also worth a visit.The sights of Szombathely: Ruin Garden, Iseum, Town Hall, Episcopal Palace, (Sala Terrana), Cathedral, Divinity School, Diocesan Library, Eölbey’s house, Synagogue, Saint Elisabeth’s Franciscan Church, Saint Marton’s Dominic Church, Open-air Museum, Boating Lake, Botanic Gardens of Kámon, the Savaria Museum, the Smidt Museum, the Picture Gallery and the Historic Park in the Franciscan Garden. The event of greatest significance, the Savaria Historic Carneval, is organized every August. 

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