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9740 Bük-fürdő ,
Termál Körút 5/D

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Close to resort Bük-fürdő  ( 45 km ) Sopron is one of Hungary's most beautiful towns ranking second in the number of sights and listed buildings after Budapest.  It has a lively, atmospheric downtown area with restaurants, wine cellars and various entertainment and leisure facilities.

Sopron lies at the foot of the Alps, just off the western border of Hungary, 60 kms of Vienna and 220 kms of Budapest. It is ranked as one of the oldest treasures of the country. The city unites the present and the past. It also functions as a bridge between Hungary and its western neighbours, and as a gateway for both the foreign and the Hungarian visitors. The cultural traditions of Sopron are as old as 70 years, dating back to the time which was called the Golden Age of the town’s cultural history. The wonderful natural surroundings, the fresh, healing Alpine air, the walks in the woody mountains, the lookout towers, the spring-waters, the vicinity of Lake Fertő make Sopron one of the greatest and most beautiful resorts of Hungary.  The symbol of Sopron is the Fire Tower. The bottom of it, which was built on the remains of Roman walls, functioned as the northern gatetower of the walls, surrounding the town from the 13th century onwards. Its present shape,however, and its baroque style balcony, as well as the helmet of the tower, were formed after the great fire of 1676.

The so-called Storno-house is one of the most wonderful buildings of Sopron. It is actually a palace-like corner-house, decorating the main square of the town. It used to belong to the Haberleiter family in the 15th century, who entertained even King Matthias in their home, in the winter of 1482-83, while he was besieging Vienna.

Sights of town Sopron
Places of interest
-  City centre,  Firewatch Tower, Walls with Roman origin, Széchenyi Square and Flag of Loyalty, -Kecske Church,  Eggenberg House, City Hall (eclectic, 1895), Storno House (renaissance), Fabricius House, "Two Moors" House (18th century baroque), Chemist's Museum (15th-16th century. The house was pronounced the first national monument in Hungary by Louis II of Hungary in 1525.)
Lábasház (16th-17th century) ,  Gambrinus House (Old city hall), Taródi Castle (István Taródi built the castle by himself. He started the building operations in 1945, when he was 20.)  


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