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Kőszeg is a lovely little jewellery box, Kőszeg is one of Hungary's most popular towns with lovely squares and narrow streets in an atmospheric downtown and a genuine mediaeval castle. The fortress, built after the Mongolian invasion, was defended with success by Miklós Jurisics against the Ottomans in 1532. Now it houses a museum and a tourist hostel. Since it offers a broad variety of interesting and enjoyable programmes, it is definitely worth a visit! This town is close to Bük-fürdő, it is just 25 km away. 

The small town with nearly 12,000 residents, with sub-alpine climate, is situated at the foothills of the Alps.
The settlement and its vicinity at the foot of the Kőszeg hills, in the valley of the brook Gyöngyös has been inhabited since the 6th-7th centuries. In the 14th century it was given the rank of free royal town. The castle built in the13th century was named after captain Miklós Jurisics, who managed to hold up the Turkish troops advancing towards Vienna in 1532 with the help of the inhabitants. Its guilds, trade, vine growing and wine making, schools have a long history.
The mediaeval town centre was not affected by the historical events, so inside the one-time town walls, the remains of which can still be seen, the houses have been preserved in their original form in Jurisics square and in the neighboring streets.
Outstanding monuments include the Jurisics Castle, Museum; the Old Bastion; the Town Hall; the General's House; the Golden Unicorn Pharmacy Museum, St. James Church; St. Emeric church; the Jesus' Heart Parish church; Synagogue; the Lutheran church; the Calvary church. Other sights include the Chernel garden Arboretum and Memorial Museum; the Postal Museum, the Marchpane Museum; Natur shop, Herb and Spice garden; István Bechtold Nature Protection Visitor Centre; the House of Wines and the Bicycle Centre of Kőszeg.
Excursion spots: Rowing lake, King's valley, Calvary (Calvary church, Trianon cross), Old House look-out tower (605 m), Seven Springs, Stájer Houses, Forestry Museum and Forest School, Írottkő look-out tower (883 m), St. Vid Chapel, the wine cellars of Csák, Sibrik mansion park of Bozsok and the monument water mill of Kőszegszerdahely. Theatre performances in the Castle Theatre of Kőszeg from 1 June to 31 August.

Sights in Kőszeg

Jurisich Castle

Having walked in Rajnis street, let's visit Jurisich or Esterházy castle on the north-west part of the city. The Esterházy family owned tha castle for 236 years and it became the property of the National Treasury only in 1931. It has been called Jurisich Castle since 1932.The former fortress - so-called Lower Castle - got its current appearance after the great fire in 1777. Present visitors can also distinguish the two architectural units, the outer castle and the inner one. The remains of the extremely thick walls prove that the outer castle must have served an outer defensive function. We cab reach the entrance of the outer castle on the brick-set bridge built over the moat. In front of the pillars of the door there are two stones with initials ND and dates 1666 and 1670 respectively, which were the border stones of the Nádasdy estate. The holes above the gate prove the former existence of a drawbridge. The north and south wings of the buildings near the outer castle were built in the 17th and the 18th century, respectively. The guard and the staff of the castle was housed here. In the yard the statue of Miklós Jurisich can be seen (made by Sándor Mikus in 1963)

Church of Jesus' Heart

The square where the church is situated is younger than the inner town. The markets were transferred here from the inner town in the 19th century. The square developed its present form when the Church of Jesus' Heart was built in 1894. Ludwig Schöne designed the parish church. His plane started to be carried out in 1892 in the place of the former Korona Hotel. From the 57-m high bell tower of the church, which defines Kőszeg's appearance, a section of Händel's opera, Saul can be heard. The church with its captivating dimension - 49x19x17 metres - is one of the largest buildings in the town even today.
The church's appearance reflects the outstanding skills of the Austrian church-builders and Hungarian handicraftsmen of the 19th century. The three-aisled interior has a broken transept and the sanctuary. The captivating painting of the ceiling, walls and pillars is the work by Otto Kott, an artist from Austria. Due to the East-West orientation of the church, the coloured stained glass windows are especially fascinating in the afternoon. The Royal Saints of Árpád-dynasty- Blessed Gisella, St. Elizabeth, St. Margaret, St. Stephen, St. Imre, St. Ladislas and figures of Jesus's Heart mystery, the Holy Virgin and St. Joseph can be seen on the windows. The front windows of the side aisles are decorated with New Testament scenes and lifescenes of the saints chosen by the founders. The organ of the church was built in the workshop of the famous Rieger-brothers in 1894. Outstanding Tirolian and Viennar craftsmen in Austria made the carved altars.


One of the highlights in the Kőszeg mountain is the Sevenspring at 424 m high above the sea level. The road towards Sevenspring reaches the mountain ridge at the Pintér-peak where it descends into the valley. Here the crystal-clear 10.9 °C spring takes its source. It has been called Sevenspring since the 18th century, however officially it was named after the seven Hungarian leaders ióonly in 1896, in Hungary's Millenium year. The seven pipes are signed by their names - Álmos, Előd, Ond, Kond, Tas Huba, Töhötöm, respectively. The water flows into a pool and then it continues its way in the Gyöngyös stream. This spring provided the Old Castle with water, that's why it was called Óvárkút (Old Castle Well) for a long time. The rest of the area was reconstructed in 1944 and it has been a popular place for tourists to relax.

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